Innohome’s internationally acclaimed Stove Guard SGK510 reacts to a danger situation earlier than any other safety device, without causing nuisance false alarms. Thanks to its intelligent technology Stove Guard turns off the cooker before toxic gases are formed, a fire starts, any material damage is caused or someone is hurt.

World’s most advanced heat sensor technology

Stove Guard SGK510 offers comprehensive cover that exceeds the requirements of the new EN 50615 Stove Guard standard and is the only stove guard in existance that fulfils the requirements for all types of installations (cooker hood, wall, ceiling).

The SGK510 Intelligent Heat Sensor includes two different types of heat sensor that together measure maximum temperature, changes in temperature and the ambient temperature. As a unique feature, the sensors also learn and adjust to the usage environment. This combination ensures solid and safe operation.

Easy to use

The device works silently in the background and can also be used easily by special user groups.

The safest stove guard

Innohome’s Stove Guard does not allow cooker use if the Heat Sensor has been removed. Automatic fault diagnosis ensures continuous system operation and no monthly testing is required.

Additionally, SGK510 includes new backup features:

  • Advanced misuse protection – protects if the Stove Guard alarm is inadvertantly stopped or removed and cooker use is continued in a risk situation
  • Prevents overheated cooker use
  • Enhanced fault diagnosis – Stove Guard identifies faults such as dirt or grease on the sensor and is also able to detect a faulty installation

Flexibility for all needs

Stove Guard offers additional features for special user groups and for basic mechanical cookers with no inbuilt safety features: Automatic Intelligent Timer adjusts to cooker use and identifies low heat risk scenarios at a very early phase. The Safety Lock switches off the power to the cooker when it’s not in use. The cooker needs to be manually activated before use by simply pressing the Heat Sensor cover once (additional features can be set on/off).

For people with mobility and hearing difficulties, additional devices are available. Stove Guard alarms can also be linked to Telecare.

Stove Guard is compatible with most carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Carbon monoxide or fumes can sometimes be formed when food is fried at high temperature and smoke, for example, can be formed in the oven. When Stove Guard detects an alarm signal it turns off the cooker (feature can be set on/off).

Comprehensive and easy installation options

Stove Guard isinstalled electrician and is easy and quick and takes around 15 minutes. If desired, the Heat Sensor can be attached and the feature settings made by the user.

Stove Guard’s Intelligent Heat Sensor is attached wirelessly to the underside of the cooker hood with a self-attaching mounting plate and does not require a power supply. The Heat Sensor can now also be installed on the wall or the ceiling (some installations require a mounting bracket that is purchased separately).


  • Fulfils EN 50615 Stove Guard standard requirements for all installation positions – tested in an independent, accredited test laboratory (VTT Expert Services).
  • Measures excessive temperatures and rate of temperature change.
  • Two types of heat sensors with unique learning function and other intelligent temperature monitoring features.
  • Automatic fault diagnosis – no monthly testing.
  • Advanced protection against misuse. Heat Sensor removal prevents cooker use. Prevention of overheated cooker use.
  • Offers additional features for special user groups and for basic mechanical cookers.
  • Compatible with most CO and smoke alarms.
  • Installation options – cooker hood, wall or ceiling.
  • Heat Sensor 10 year usage life with solar-powered batteries.
  • Additional devices available to suit the needs of special user groups, such as those with hearing or mobility difficulties.
  • Alarm transfer to Telecare.
  • For all electric cookers.

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Technical specifications

  • Alarm signal max. 80 dB (1m) / Silent alarm
  • Low energy use (app. 1 W)
  • Sparkless electric switch
  • External alarm output (potential free, NO)
  • Radio 433 Mhz, X10 compatible / factory paired
  • 230-400 VA
  • 1 – 3 phases, delta, star, also without N
  • Size: Control Unit 130 x 130 x 30 mm, Intelligent Heat Sensor 94 x 40 x 30 mm
  • Halogen free and fire rated plastic, flammability rating V-0 (Intelligent Heat Sensor)
  • Patented FI 117526, FI 117878, FI 125053, patent pending
  • Made in the EU
  • Fulfils EN 50615 standard requirements

NOTE: Some installation positions include parts that are purchased separately. Check here if your installation is going to need additional parts.